12/4/12 and 13/4/12 Cabane Des Dix and the Pigne d’Arolla

The Pigne d'Arolla from the Plan De Bertol on the 9/4/12.


The view north from 3500m on the Pigne d'Arolla.

I have just had an excellent couple of days in the Arolla area.On the 13th of April in the company of Mountain Guide Andy Teasdale and the Eagles Ski Club, I headed into the Cabane Des Dix via the Pas De Chevre. This is an excellent, comfortable hut with great food.The morning of the 14th was mostly clear with some clouds so we headed up the Pigne d’Arolla. This is an excellent ski peak. The descent was on excellent powder, followed by some heavier snow before switching to spring at the bottom.The descent from the Pigne to Arolla is around 1700 vertical metres.


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