The Val D’Isere to Aosta Valley Traverse

This ski tour links the French ski resort of Val d’Isere, the Gran Paradiso National Park and the Aosta Valley in Italy. The tour is a linear tour which is not completed very often due to the difficulties of returning to the start point.  However, the Climbnow team will arrange for return transport to our start point. There are many mountains in this area which are suitable for ascents on skis giving plenty of variation and allowing many return trips to be made to this area.

Dates: March, April

Ratio: 1:4 Maximum.

Who’s it for: All competent on piste skiers who also have experience of off piste skiing. Experience of ski touring is useful but not essential. It is recommended that all skiers arrive at least one day early for the course and do a warm up ski day.

Instruction/Guiding Insurance (essential)
Harnesses & helmets Equipment other than harnesses & helmets
Personal hut fees Valley accommodation
Guides’ hut fees and uplift Personal Uplift
Guides’ lunches and drinks Personal lunches, drinks and drinks at huts
ClimbNow cap

Sample program

Day 1: After meeting in Val d’Isere to check equipment we use the lift system to complete a couple of warm up runs before descending the Cugnai off piste run to the Refuge du Fond des Fours. From the Refuge we ascend the Col de Bezin (2929m) and ski to the Col de l’Iseran. The second half of the day is spent off piste skiing and transceiver search training. We overnight in Val d’Isere.

Day 2: We use the lift system to gain the Col Pers (3009m). After crossing this we ski the Pointe du Gros Caval (3285m) before descending to the Refuge de Prariond to overnight.

Day 3: Today we traverse from France to Italy. We do this by ascending the Pointe de la Galise (3343m) and skiing to the Italian hut, Rifugio Benevolo.

Day 4: From the Rifugio Benevolo many options exist. A good example of what is possible today is the Punta Calabre (3445m).  Following an ascent of a peak such as this we overnight at the hut.

Day 5: We leave the hut and at first skin in a southwards direction before turning east to reach the C.le della Gran Vaudalla (3000m) and the descent of the della Gran Vaudalla to Thumel. From here we travel through the Mont blanc Tunnel to Saint Gervais for lunch before returning to Val d’Isere.

Other possible objectives

  • The Col Des Fours (2976m) from the Refuge du Fond des Fours.
  • Pointe Pers (3227m) from the Col Pers.
  • Col de la Galise (2987m), Col de la Vache (3127m) or Col d’Oin (3164m) following a ski descent of the Col Pers.
  • The Roc Basagne (3222m).
  • Col di Tsanteleina 3154m and the Col di Rhemes (3097m) which can be used to pass from France to Italy.
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