Saas Fee and Saas Grund 4000m Peaks

For those interested in climbing high summits but have relatively little experience in the Alps there is no better venues than Saas Grund and Saas Fee.  During the week we will aim to climb a number of 4000m peaks.  The ratio is kept low to allow us flexibility in route choice.

Dates: June, July, August, September.

Ratio: 1:2 Maximum.

Who’s it for: Anyone with hill walking experience who wishes to experience mountaineering in the Alps and learn some alpine mountaineering skills.

Instruction/GuidingInsurance (essential)
Harnesses, helmetsCrampons, ice axe, boots
(can be hired in Chamonix)
Personal hut fees on a half board basisAccommodation in Chamonix
Transport from Chamonix and during the courseUplift
Guides’ hut fees, lunches, uplift and accommodation in Saas GrundPersonal lunches, drinks and drinks at huts

Sample program

Day 1: Meet in Chamonix and hire/check equipment.  We then travel to Saas Grund and use the Hosaas lift to gain the Triftgletscher before completing an Ecole de Glace session.  This is followed by an overnight at the Hosaas Hut.

Day 2: From the Hosaas Hut we ascend the Weissmeis (4023m) before descending to the Weissmeis Hutte to overnight.

Day 3: From the Weissmeis Hutte we ascend the Lagginhorn (4010m) before returning to the lift system and an overnight stop in Saas Grund.

Day 4: We ascend from Saas Fee to the summit of the Allalinhorn (4027m) before descending to the Brittania Hutte to overnight.

Day 5: From the Brittania Hutte we ascend either the Stahlhorn (4190m) or the Rimpfischhorn 4199m before returning to the hut.

Day 6: The last day of the course sees us descending via two glaciers to Mattmark where a short bus journey returns us to Saas Fee and  we return to Chamonix.

Other possible objectives

  • The Hotel Langflue and the Alphubel (4206m)
  • The Mischabel Hut and the Nadelhorn (4327m)
  • The Jegihorn (3206m) Via Ferrata
  • The Mittaghorn (3143m) Via Ferrata
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