North Wales

The Climb Now Snowdonia experience is based on escaping the crowds and experiencing the best that North Wales has to offer.

Learn to rock climb

The first steps in rock climbing are getting on the right route and having a great time.

Alpine Preparation / Scrambling

Training for the Matterhorn or Skye Ridge Traverse North wales is the ideal venue to train and get slick at mountaineering with lots of great scrambles and rock climbs.

MCI Preparation

We can provide structure to decision making under stressful conditions for example assessments and strategies for developing your situational awareness that you can use throughout your career and into the winter environment.

Snowdonia in Winter

On rare occasions snowfalls in Snowdonia this transforms the mountains it’s best to keep an open mind bring a mountain bike and rock climbing gear with a mindset prepared for a wet and windy scramble.