MCI Preparation

Preparing for an assessment can be an intimidating process, we provide a friendly approachable service that can deliver feedback and action plans to help you achieve your goals. Having worked on over one hundred MCI trainings and assessments and currently working on British Mountain Guides courses we are well placed to deliver bespoke feedback on the common pitfalls.

Venues: The Climbnow team in North Wales are based near Bangor this gives good access to the mountain venues, and coastal cliffs feel free to get in touch to discuss accommodation options.

Dates: April – November

Ratio: 1:2 

What’s included: A bespoke action plan and strategies for dealing with assessment anxieties and developing situational awareness in a mountain context.

Who’s it for: Predominantly Candidates on Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor Award or the British Mountain Guides scheme.

Skills covered

  • MCI teaching climbing day.
  • MCI mountain day
  • Improvised rescue day
  • Mock Navigation Assessment without the stress!
  • Preassessment skills check (please allow three to four weeks before assessment)
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