17th and 18th December, North Wales

Based in North Wales for the last two days running a scrambling course for Matthew and Andrew. Apart from the odd heavy sleet/snow/hail shower on Saturday we chose to operate below the snow line at venues on/around Tryfan Bach and The Pinnacle Face of Pen yr Ole Wen. The guys coped admirably with the weather, which allowed us to cover lots of ropework in a scrambling/easy climbing context including traverses and descending/escaping from scrambles.
Snow line at circa 400m when we left, with a lot of fresh snow having fallen on Saturday and overnight in to Sunday on a North-west/North wind. Freezing level seemed higher than forecast and reports of turf not being frozen higher up. I’ll try and post some photos on my return to Scotland.

Practicing abseil retreats on Tryfan Bach


Pinnacle Face Pen yr Ole Wen


Looking across to Cwm Idwal
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