19/1/12 Cam Chreag, Meall Nan Tarmachan

Gayle below Mackay's Gully (leftward slanting ramp) and Clark's Gully (narrow ribbon of snow).
Alasdair and Gayle on the second belay of Clark's Gully.

I have been out today with the Falkirk High Tops Team. Gayle, Alasdair and I climbed together and John, Linda and Tom climbed together. Both teams climed Mackay’s Gully and Clark’s Gully on good snow ice and some frozen turf.

The buttress routes on this crag are currently in good condition. However, it is worth noting that for all routes on this crag (including the gullies) a good number of Warthogs should be carried.

Windslab is currently building in the gullies and at the top of the crag and requires care.

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