20th February Meall nan Tarmachan

I was out with Martin today going over some snow/ice movement skills and some rope work ahead of his planned trip to the Greater Ranges. Given the conditions we also covered some avalanche awareness/avoidance and a little navigation. We were out on Cam Chreag and as part of the day we went up a line on the easy angled buttress right of Carlin’s buttress to get on to some steeper more scoured terrain.

Martin checking out a "mini-cornice" on a small west facing aspect below Cam Chreag

Visibility was very poor during the day and navigation required care. The southerly aspect of Cam Chreag proved a good choice as although the approach was through deepish soft snow (thanks to whoever had put a trail in), the crag was relatively well scoured. The turf was generally well frozen and the rocks were heavily rimed. Although there was little if any precipitation during the day the fresh southerly wind was transporting considerable quantities of existing snow.

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