22nd December Beinn Leabhainn

An easy day required for Nettle, who was on his first day back climbing after a knee operation and a damaged finger. We headed to “Burger Van Falls” near the top of Glen Ogle.

Lower Tier Right Hand Side

We climbed 5 short picthes (12m max) on the two tiers of the falls. Mostly on water ice. The lines were between tech 3 and 5 (the 5 including a bit of mixed nonsense up the line on the left of the above photo).

Nettle on the left of the upper tier

The ice was generally in good condition and still building. Glorious weather throughout the day with an inversion, temperatures below freezing and no significant wind. There’s limited snow cover in this area, surface hoar is growing rapidly on the existing snow.

Myself starting the mixed line
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