25/02/12 Glenshee

Out with Adventure Edinburgh in Glenshee today. We used snow patches and ribbons to practice boot and axe work, self belay and ice axe arrest. We then headed up to the summit of The Cairnwell and around to Carn Aosda. There are patches of old firm snow and snow in gully lines from around 750m and larger areas of snow on north and east facing coire rims in this area. Care is required in gully lines where streams are running underneath the decreasing snowpack.

Carn a'Gheoidh from The Cairnwell

Infrequent light rain showers on fresh westerly winds during the day with the freezing level above the summits. A report from Craig, who was out in the Ben Lawers area today, suggests the rain was significantly worse further west with the snowpack there becoming very wet and reducing significantly.

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