25th to 27th March Rif. M. Bezzi, Gran Paradiso area

The Grande Casse (near Tignes) from the Col De La Sassiere.
Mont Blanc from the Cle. Di Giasson.

Following a rest day on saturday, I have been at the Bezzi Hut. This excellant hut is located in the Gran Paradiso area of Italy.

The weather has been outstanding allowing us to ski the Col De La Sassiere and the Cle. Di Giasson. As the weather has been warm, we have been aiming to finish in the early afternoon.

The Bezzi Hut is currently best approached not via the minor road from the Dam, but by a lower line next to the Lago Di Beauregard. This is due to a number of slides and ice fall collapses having gone accross the road making for difficult skiing.

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