27th to 31st August 2012 The Bernese Oberland and Cragging at Evolene

From the 27th to the 30th August I was part of a team in the Bernese Oberland. We had a great four days visiting the Konkordia and Finsteraarhorn Hutte, the summit of the Grunegghorn (3860m) and the Grunhornlucke. Rather than approach from the Jungfraujoch as most teams do, we approached from Fiesch. This route stays well away from the crowds.

The glaciers are currently very dry. This means that they require more time to cross than usual and teams should remember this when planning trips.

The weather has been poor overnight and today. However, we managed to find a crag near Evolene which stays dry in the rain and climbed a number of routes between F4+ and F6C.

Photo 1. One of our teams near the Grunhornlucke.

Photo 2. Early morning on the Gruneggfirn.

Photo 3. Climbing on the Grunegghorn.

Photo 4. Mountain Guide Ewen Todd near the summit of the Grunegghorn.



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