28/6/12 Beinn Iutahrn Mhor and Carn an Righ

Out with a Falkirk Community Trust High Tops team of Anne, Norrie, Tom and Vic. We took bikes to access these two remote Munros and cycled approximately 8km from Spittal of Glensee up Gleann Taitneach to the Allt Elrig stream junction.

Anne on the ride in

Having left the bikes we climbed up to Loch nan Eun and into the thick cloud that would shroud us for most of the day. We followed the main inflow of the loch and then traversed around to the head of the Allt Beinn Iutharn before climbing to the large summit cairn of Beinn Iutharn Mhor. After returning to the bealach and finding some shelter from the wind and heavy showers that were now picking up we headed around to Carn an Righ.

The team, just about visible from 5m, on the summit of Carn an Righ

We’d originally been considering taking in Glas Tulaichean as well, but given conditions and the possibility of a difficult river crossing we decided to return to Loch nan Eun and descend the path on the east bank of Allt Easgaidh to return to the bikes. All in all a great day despite the challenging conditions and I’m only slightly jealous of Euan’s photo from the same day.

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