30th June 2012 Pointe Percee, Les Aravis


Photo 1. Rosie high on the Arete du Doigt.

Photo 2. Ibex on the approach to the route.

Photo 3. The descent from Combe de Verts with the Pointe Percee behind.

Photo 4. Pointe Percee from the approach. The Arete du Doigt is the left hand skyline

Photo 5. Rosie below the Arete du Doigt.

From the balcony of our appartment, we have an excellent view of the group of mountains named Les Aravis. The highest of these is Pointe Percee at 2750 metres. Last season we did not have the chance to climb this mountain so with a good weather forecast we thought we would do it this weekend.

The mountain can be accessed from the Refuge Grammusset. We climbed the classic Arete du Doigt and descended by the Cheminee Sallanches and the Combe des Verts. We opted for this descent as the Voie Normale is currently still holding a lot of snow and requires ice axe and crampons. A topo for the route can be found in the guidebook Plaisir West by Jurg von Kanel.


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