4/2/12 Newtyle plus more Route Major Photos

I was out with John and Paul, Graham and Doug from the Falkirk Team today. After a false start involving deciding not to leave the mini-bus where we may not have been able to get it out later in the day due to steadily falling snow we were left with limited time, so chose to head to Newtyle. It was a first time dry tooling for the guys and they all seemed to have fun and technique improved massively through the day and will transfer well to future mixed climbing.

Sleet/snow throughout the day at Birnham and the ground remained largely frozen.

Unfortunately, I forgot the camera today, but can’t resist putting up a few more photos from yesterday on Route Major.

Euan having pulled out of the "tapered chimney"


Steve in the "tapered chimney"


Ian belaying below the chimney
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