5th January Beinn Udlaidh and Beinn Bhreac-liath

After the overnight rain to high levels Nettle and I decided from the road that the turf wouldn’t be frozen on our intended objective, so we went for a wander up Beinn Udlaidh and Beinn Bhreac-liath. We ascended via the massive quartz dyke, which is well seen from the A82 when travelling south. This gave a pleasant way up the hill and a chance for a close up look at an interesting geological feature I’d seen for years from a distance.

Nettle with Ben Cruachan in the background

There was more ice in Coire Daimh on Beinn Udlaidh than we’d expected and although we only saw them from a distance routes are forming, if currently thin. West Gully, not shown in the picture, looked just about complete with what would be saturated snow refreezing during the day and ice/snow ice at the top.

Beinn Udlaidh showing ice forming

Saturated snow cover on south and east facing slopes and sheltered areas above 600m, the snow was refreezing during the day. Snow cover looked more consistent to lower levels on the hills east of Rannoch Moor. Turf wasn’t well frozen right up to summit height, 840m, although again was freezing where exposed during the day.

Ben Lui from Beinn Udlaidh

Below freezing above about 550m during the day. Very minor snow/graupel showers during the day on a fresh north-west wind.

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