5th to 9th September Zinal and Arolla

Amazing light on the Ober Gabelhorn (foreground) and Matterhorn (background).
Dent Blanche from the Mountet Hut.

From the 5th to the 8th of September I was in the Mountet Hut near Zinal. We climbed the Besso and Blanc De Moming Traverse (AD), Caroline (D+, 10 pitches) and the Mamouth Traverse continuation (AD), Trifthorn (3728m, F+) and an attempt on the North Ridge of the Zinalrothorn. We had to turn back at 4017m on the Zinalrothorn due to high winds.

It should be noted that due to current conditions, the Trifthorn is harder than the grade suggests.

On the 9th we headed from near Arolla to the Petite Dent De Vesivi. The traverse of this peak is AD and is on excellent rock for the most part.

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