Angus Glens

The last couple of days Jen and I have been based in Glen Esk in Angus. On Saturday we were out with Andy Malcolm of the Dalhousie Estates. After meeting at the very friendly Glenesk Retreat we headed up Glen Esk and Glen Lee and out as far a Drumhilt. Andy is hugely knowledgeable about the wildlife, flora, land management and history of the area and we had a superb day and learnt a lot.

The view from Cairn Lick to Loch Lee complete with rainbow.

Today Jen and I walked up past Loch Lee and the Falls of Unich before cutting back to the top of Hunt Hill. We then retraced our steps a short way before climbing past the Falls of Damff to Cairn Lick and descending the Shank of Inchgrundle to regain Loch Lee. This made for a good route with very varied scenery and great views. Both days were days of sunshine and showers with rocks exposed to the wind drying quickly in between the pockets of rain. I’ll add more photos to the ClimbNow Facebook page.


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