April Update

Well since I last posted in March there have been significant changes in legislation and guidance around Covid-19 restrictions. The month started with still staying local, keeping skills and fitness up to date and limited outdoor work opportunities. We’re finishing the month with the ability to travel further and increased work opportunities. The photos and comments below should give a feel for how the month progressed.

Local hill running in the Pentlands was a good way to keep fitness up. Evening/night runs were a good way to avoid busier times.
Local crags and one to one sessions allowed some limited outdoor work.
Climbing at local crags to keep skills up even when the weather wasn’t perfect, Pamela and I climbed between the snow showers at Craigpark Quarry.
Taking an opportunity for some impromptu bouldering in a lesser visited part of the Pentlands, whilst out on a walk. Photo credit: Pamela Millar.
The ability to travel a little further. Staff training in Arrochar. Photo credit: Craig McClaren.
Paul getting back on rock in North Wales.
Opportunistic new routing with Nettle in Dumfries and Galloway.
Exploring the unusual feature of “The Brain”. Photo credit: Jonathan Foden.
Euan leading on a cool, but sunny day at Traprain Law.
Great to stretch our wings and be back out for a wintery adventure with Sharon and Mac in the Cairngorms.
Brilliant to be able to travel further and explore a crag that was new to us. Euan leading “Perfect Weather to Fly” at Coudy Crag in Appleby.
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