Out with John, Archie, Linda, Lindsay, Paul and Tam from Falkirk Community Trust today. Based on the forecast we changed the plan from Glen Coe and headed to The Cairngorms and climbed the classic Fiacaill Ridge. This was made even more classic by the fact the ski road was closed in the morning and we walked up from the bottom. We descended The Goat Track after checking out the snow pack.

Tam with the lower section of the ridge behind

Snowing on the A9 as we drove up, but the weather cleared to give an excellent day on the ridge with great views northwards and the wind dropped throughout the day. A fair bit of wind movement of snow during the day and plenty of wind slab around. The winds were mostly South-Westerly/Westerly. The crags are plastered with largely as yet unconsolidated snow. A fair bit of trail breaking required today, there’s currently excellent cover for ski touring.

Paul with the upper section of the ridge behind

Snowing lightly down to Loch Morlich level as we left and snow was settling down to road level along the A9 with the Dalwhinnie to Dunkeld area having significant snowfall at road level.

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