Cam Chreag Topos

A few people have contacted me recently asking if I could put the Cam Chreag, Meall nan Tarmachan, topos up on the blog again. I’d put them up previously, but since the blog has changed format apparently they’ve been difficult to download.

The topos are below, click on them to see a larger version. The majority of climbs on the crag are reliant on turf and the crag needs to be well frozen both to preserve the turf and for an enjoyable climbing experience. A selection of turf protection is very useful for all but the easiest routes. I’ve climbed all the routes shown on the topos and can vouch for the grades with the usual warning that grades can vary significantly with conditions in winter, routes can change over time and anyone climbing the routes shown should have the relevant experience and assess the route themselves on the day. Additionally, if you’re not used to Southern Highland type turfy routes it’s definitely worth dropping a grade or two until you’ve got a feel for the style of climbing. There are other routes on the crag, which can be found in The Arran, Arrochar and Southern Highlands guidebook and in the SMC Journals.

Cam Chreag South Face Topo

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