Carn a’Gheoidh Ski Tour

Today I tagged along with a Falkirk Community Trust Ski-Touring day. The original objective was slightly further north than the Glenshee area, but a parking spot full of snow meant a quick change of plan and having parked at the ski area we skinned up to Carn Aosda hut. A quick run down to Loch Vrotachan and then it was back on with skins for a long steady pull up to the summit of Carn a’Gheoidh.

Enjoying the easy run down to Loch Vrotachan.
Enjoying the easy run down to Loch Vrotachan.

The return was by a similar route taking in a few long traverses and finishing with a nice run down in to and then through the ski area. The cover in the ski area looked good.

There’s good snow cover on most aspects above 600m with some wind slab on almost every aspect and sastrugi and rime indicating that the winds have moved around the clock face in the last few days.

On the way out to Carn a'Gheoidh.
On the way out to Carn a’Gheoidh.

Clear with great views and only a light breeze most of the day. Cloud building from the south during the day, but no fresh snow whilst we were there. I’ll add more photos to the Climbnow Facebook page.

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