Creagan Mor & Geal-charn

Out today with a big combined Ashbourne & Stonehaven team of Andy, Derek, Jim, Murray, Nettle and Nick. We were ski touring in Drumochter. We skinned from Balsporran Cottages up Creagan Mor before a traversing descent and then up Geal-charn. We then had a good descent on the North side of the North-East ridge of Geal-charn.

Areas are quite scoured and skis were removed for the last 100m or so of both hills. Ski-ing was either on icy old snow or fresh soft slabby snow. Care is required on choice of aspect and angle at the moment as there’s considerable wind slab building on lee slopes. Some fresh snow today on a strong North-West wind. I’ll post some photos once I’m back home.

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