Ivor and I had a pleasant day sport climbing at Dunira near Comrie today. It was a new crag to both of us, but well worth a visit. There aren’t a huge number of routes at the crag and it has a longish walk in for a sports climbing venue, but the routes are steep and good quality and the setting is idyllic. It’s probably worth going in spring, early summer or even on a warm winters day as the approach when the bracken is high wouldn’t be too pleasant.

Me topping out on Twenty Shilling Woodworm.
Me topping out on Twenty Shilling Woodworm. Photo Credit: Ivor McCourt.

Ivor dropped me at Nettle’s on the way back and he and I went for a training run around a few West Lothian hills before I caught the train back to Edinburgh. A great way to spend a very warm and sunny May day.

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