Falkirk Community Trust Outdoors Update

A while ago I put up posts on the ClimbNow Blog and Facebook pages about the Falkirk Council vote on the possible closure of the excellent Falkirk Community Trust Outdoors. A number of people have asked me about the outcome recently and I realised I should do an update.

It’s basically good news and the service has been saved. For more information please visit:


Falkirk Community Trust Outdoors are therefore delivering a kids Easter Programme (although reduced compared to normal due to the uncertainty a lateness of a decision relative to the start of the programme). Please see here for more information:


They’ll be continuing to deliver an Outdoor Education to schools in the Falkirk area.

Their Winter Adult and Senior Programme runs until the 6th of April and hopefully a Summer Adult & Senior Programme will be available soon. See here for more information:


Many thanks to all those who took the time to sign petitions, contact councillors and MSPs and co-ordinate these efforts.


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