Far North-West Scotland

John and I have spent the last four days based in Inchnadamph with a Falkirk Outdoors climbing team of Amanda, Jakub and Devon. The weather wasn’t great, but we had some fun adventures and managed to get the team a good amount of climbing. On Thursday we drove up and headed to the Rhue Sea-Cliffs just north of Ullapool and climbed and top/bottom roped 8 routes on the Trawler Walls starting in the rain and finishing in sunshine. 

Amanda on the Tyrolean back from Split Rock. Photo credit: D. Russell.

The weather forecast was better in the afternoon for Friday, so we had a late start. We toyed with the idea of heading out to the Old Man of Stoer, but as it was still raining at the car park we made for a Plan B of Split Rock at Clachtoll. This is reachable with care at low tide, but requires a Tyrolean to get back dry at high tide. It’s worth noting that the anchor positions for the Tyrolean mean that on spring high tides you’re very close to the water if there’s any swell.

Devon at the top of Lynx, Split Rock.

John lead up Polly Puffin, the easiest route on the south face, to access the top of the stack and we rigged top ropes on routes on the south and east faces as the everything was damp and we had light showers coming through.  On Saturday we decided to embrace the rain and made a very wet ascent of Lurgainn Edge on Cul Beag. On Sunday with an improving forecast we headed to the Pinnacle Walls area at Reiff as it takes very little seepage. It stopped raining as we drove out and we got a good number of routes climbed, some even in sunshine, before we had to head back south. 

Jakub on Moonjelly, Reiff.

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