Friday 14th and Saturday 15th March

Friday: Martin and Jim Bayliss climbed Central Left Hand and then Pygmy Ridge. Fresh wind slab was more consolidated than expected on Northern slopes (i.e. slope from top of ribs on Central Left Hand to the base of Pygmy Ridge was very solid). Some sizable cornices over more East facing gully exits. Nic and Murray climbed Hidden Chimney and The Slant reporting some wind slab on the Slant, but generally OK.

Saturday: Martin and Tim climbed the upper fault variation of Astroturfer (note some loose blocks in the upper fault). Temperatures fairly high in coire with rime stripping from the butresses and a layer of softer moist snow on less steep ground (should consolidate well with a freeze). Cornice was easily bypassed on the left. Parties on Chute Route, Andromeda, Savage Slit, Fallout Corner and Sidewinder. Nic, Jim, Murray, Andy, Steve and T carried skis over to Lurcher’s burn and toured up the burn around over Cairn Lochan, down in to Domain and up to Cairngorm reporting good conditions and not too much rock dodging.  

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