Glen Croe

Euan, Ivor and I visited Glen Croe in Arrochar today for some rock climbing. There’d been some rain last night and so some of the easier to protect lines such as Student’s Route and Lady Madonna were suffering from seepage. We also got a few unforecast hail and light rain showers, so not ideal for climbing on mica schist. However, we had a good day leading Good Day Sunshine; Dear Prudence (a good lead of this bold line by Euan in a hail shower); Student’s Route; me backing off a wet Lady Madonna and working Pockets of Excellence.

Euan setting off on Dear Prudence in a hail shower.

It doesn’t look like the crag is seeing large amounts of traffic, so lichen is an issue on some lines and cracks may require cleaning to place protection. Still good to be out climbing on rock.

Ivor topping out on Dear Prudence.
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