Glen Lochay (Breadalbane)

It’s been mild in Scotland for the last few days with a big reduction in snow cover. Today Pamela and I decided to head up Meall nan Subh, a Corbett neither of us had visited before, to burn off some Christmas excess and keep hill fitness up for when winter returns.

Pamela on the summit with snow patches on Beinn Heasgarnaich behind.

If you have an old Corbett or Munro book it’s worth noting that you’re now asked to park just before Kenknock, which makes this a longer outing. We walked up the road from there and returned south from the summit taking in many of the cairns on the multiple tops before a steep descent on the east side of the deer fence, which brings you out near the parking. This descent would be through deep bracken in summer. There’s patchy snow above 800m on north and east facing slopes. Most of this has now consolidated very well.

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