Glen Ogle

In winter it’s always a good idea to have a Plan B and sometimes a C, D, E, F and G. Today I was out with a Falkirk Community Trust Winter Climbing Team of John, Robin, Alan, Derry, Doug and Paul. Our Plan A was Bridge of Orchy, but snow on the road and falling steadily at Tyndrum this morning forced a change and we headed for Burger Van Falls at Glen Ogle. This gave us a good day and by climbing multiple lines on each fall allowed plenty of climbing on ice and a good opportunity to concentrate on technique.

Doug setting off on one of the falls. There is a rope above, but it’s hard to see.

The falls weren’t thick and generally weren’t taking screws in many places, so we led some sections and top/bottom roped others. The main fall hadn’t touched down and was still running and not climbable today. It was snowing at crag height when we arrived, which changed to rain in the morning, this stopped by early afternoon, but the falls were thawing fast as we left.

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