Howgills OMM

Nettle and I were out in the Howgills for the last two days along with lots of other people doing the OMM (Original Mountain Marathon). This event, formerly known as the Karrimor Mountain Marathon, is over two days with competitors carrying all their equipment and food for an overnight camp. There are a variety of classes and competitors range from those just wanting to complete a short course by walking through to elite athletes covering amazing distances at impressive speed. Navigation to find the checkpoints is a key part of all the courses and taking part in this sort of event is a great way to hone your navigation skills. No photos I’m afraid as the camera was deemed too heavy to carry. The weather was cold and dry with a fresh north-westerly on Saturday and then very wet with fairly constant rain on a west/south-westerly on Sunday. Huge thanks to the organisers and all the volounteers who make the event happen and remain remakably cheery even after hours in the pouring rain.

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