Local Climbing, Bouldering, Running and Walking

We’ve been out as much as possible over the last few weeks making sure we keep fit and our skills are up to speed for when we’re able to get out in the wider environment with clients. Hopefully, that’s not too far away.

Euan leading The Grapes of Ratho.

As well as training at home we’ve been out climbing and bouldering locally at venues such as Ratho Quarry, Blackford Quarry, Agassiz Rock and Hound Point.

Bouldering at Agassiz Rock.

We’ve also been running and walking up some of the more obscure local hills to keep hill fitness up.

First time to a very obscure hill/trig point in the Edinburgh area during a good run.

We can now travel within Scotland for work and it currently looks like travel will ease further on the 26th April. Fingers firmly crossed!

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