Lots and Lots of Climbing

Greg and i have had a great few days climbing in the French Alps.

While the weather was still unsettled we climbed a great F7B at Secteur Des Thermes. All the routes at this Sectuer in the Parc Thermal at Saint Gervais stayed dry in the rain.

On suday the 6th august Greg and i climbed the Aiguille de L’M via the Menegaux route (TD). This gives an excellent crack climb at about E2 5C, AO and is dry at the moment with a minimum amount of snow on the ledges.

On monday the 7th we headed up to the south face of the Midi and climbed Le Contamine (TD+). This gave a very hard crack climb at about E3 6A, A1 but would go completely free at about E4 6A/B. The crux pitch was wet at the exit from the difficult ground which made things interesting.

The Rebuffat route on the South Face can not be started direct at the moment due to the bergshrund but can be started via Le Contamine.


greg sunset

More photos can be seen on Greg Boswells site.

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