Manor Valley

At this time of year when it’s very windy in the higher hills or it’s not been cold enough for winter routes it’s always good to get out for something a bit random to keep hill fitness up. After a couple of days this week where I’ve ended up at the climbing wall it was great to get out with Nettle today as he’s usually up for the more esoteric option. We headed out fell running around some of the hills above the Manor Valley near Peebles today as a way of keeping under the worst of the wind. It also worked well as the weather was coming across the higher hills before it reached us, taking out some of the sleet showers.

Me and Nettle in the wind on top of Notman Law.

Our route took in Notman Law, Greenside Law, Deer Law, Conscleuch Head, Black Law and Black Cleuch Hill. The going was on tussocky grass, heather and bog and was often trackless, making for a good work out. We also managed to find a bit of scrambling/bouldering, which provided amusement given the conditions. Rain/sleet showers on and off with a dusting of snow settling above about 650m and winds of circa 40mph+ on the tops.

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