Monday 13th December 2011

Having not read Euan’s report from yesterday (schoolboy error) Neil McGeachy and myself headed in to the North-East Coire of Beinn an Dothaidh today hoping to do one of the turfy mixed routes. The turf was frozen solid, but the buttresses were black and so we didn’t feel we could justify an ascent (a funny old thing these winter climber’s ethics).

Neil on the initial ice step

We, therefore, headed up Taxus, which sounds like it was in a more fozen condition than on Sunday and finished by the Icefall Finish, which was pretty thin (I was glad to be carrying the turf gear we’d brought for the mixed route).

Wilf on the last proper pitch of the Icefall Finish

Below freezing all day on the route, no wind to speak of, clear skies all day and a temperature inversion. Turf very solid throughout, ice solid (if thin in places) and any old snow very firm.

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