Monday 14th December Belhaven

The expected warm and very wet weather arrived in the Cairngorms on monday morning at 4am. We arrived at 10am to find lots of teams walking out but thought we would have a look anyway.

Greg, James and i headed into Fiacall Buttress and climbed Belhaven. The corner was still holding lots of ice and useable snow. All the turf was frozen. Belhaven gave a good route with sustained climbing which was made easier by the big lump of ice around the crux bulge. I think it would be a bit harder without this.

The Seam, Fiacall Coulior an Invernookie were still holding snow. All steeper lines were stripped. We could hear a team on the Fluted Buttress area. Well done to the team who snow holed on sunday night and climbed The Slant on the Mess of Pottage the next day.

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