Saturday 2nd January 2010

Out on The Brack today with B and Pamela. We needed a short day as B had a train to catch in Glasgow and this proved an ideal venue. We climbed Hell’s Teeth III,3* (with a variation finish), which gave a pleasant turf/mixed route with good belays (although turf pro is helpful for runners). It felt considerably easier than the Inglis Clark Arete on the same crag, which we climbed last week (although that may be because we did a direct start on the arete).

The turf is well frozen, the snow isn’t deep, but is still unconsolidated with areas of wind slab forming over old soft snow and surface hoar. Easy shears were observed on some of the small pockets of snow we crossed. Some light fresh snow showers falling through the day on a north-east wind.

We saw one other team on the crag, who were on Great Central Groove (which will be a fairly rare ascent). As we left they were high up and seemed to be moving well. We couldn’t see how well iced the top pitch was. I’ve some fairly long distance photos of whoever it was, so get in touch if you want copies.

Pamela making the moves behind the "large block" on Hell's Teeth
Pamela making the moves behind the "large block" on Hell's Teeth
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