Ski Touring on Carn na Caim

Today I visited the Drummochter Pass with the Falkirk High Tops Team. We had a good day out skiing Carn na Caim. The snow cover is currently excellent for ski touring. We put skis on after a five minute walk in. The descent was via a different route and involved nice skiing on hard packed snow. The walk out was only fifteen minutes.

The current conditions would give a great opportunity for a two day tour in the Drummochter Hills. Possibly begining at Dalnaspidal before continuing over the peaks to the west of the A9. Following an overnight stop at the Blacksporran Cottages the second day could take in the peaks east of the A9 returning to Dalnaspidal to pick up the vehicle.

Graham and Tam ski touring in the Drummochter Pass.
Graham and Tam ski touring in the Drummochter Pass.


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