SPA at Rosyth and Cragging at The Hawkcraig

On Wednesday this week (26th) I was shadowing the second day of a Single Pitch Award (SPA) Assessment being run by Cliff for the City of Edinburgh Council. Amongst other things those being assessed were setting up bottom and top ropes and group abseils as well as being asked to solve problems that may occur on group sessions. The day was at Rosyth quarry and some of the less frequented sections of crag were utilised. It’s worth noting that there’s been a very recent gorse fire above the Heathy section of the crag and this may impact some of the belays; on the day some of the stakes were unusable as the area was still smouldering.

Pamela leading Saracen
Pamela leading Saracen

This afternoon I was out at the Hawkcraig, Aberdour, with Pamela and Mike. A little breezy in the Westerlies, but the crag had dried quickly after this morning’s rain and we cimbed 6 routes and spent some time looking at options for climbing in series when teaching leading.

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