Sunday 2nd January 2011 Coire Fee

Nettle, Neil McGeachy and myself headed in to Coire Fee today. Some of the water ice lines have just about held on through the thaw. There was one party ahead of us starting up a fairly thin looking Look C Gully and another party we’d chatted to we’re heading for B Gully, which looked thin but climbable. We, therefore, headed for A-B Intermediate, which gave a pleasant day out. The first ice pitch was steep with hard ice and felt more IV than III in these conditions. The rest of the route gave a mixture of easy ice, hard turf and snow with a couple of fun sections in the upper chimney.

Neil seconding the initial ice pitch

The turf is well frozen, where the water ice has survived it’s good, but pretty hard. The crags are black with snow only on ledges and easier angled sections. The snow that is there is firm and well consolidated.

Nettle and Neil in the upper section of the chimney

Below freezing all day (the water ice wasn’t really building again as it’s not being fed). Cool north wind with a couple of very minor snow flurries.

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