Sunday 2nd November

Euan, Wilf and James had a great day on The Buachaille today heading up Curved Ridge and finishing up left via the “straightforward gully” as described in the guidebook.

The lower section of the Curved Ridge had some iced sections, which could pretty much all be avoided. The wall and groove higher up were ice free. The gully up and left of the cairn was on soft damp snow. Overall it went at about Moderate and I/II without the need for crampons on the day, but an axe proving useful for the gully finish. The turf wasn’t frozen even at height. Other parties on the ridge finished by the Crowberry Tower Gap finish. The descent path down Coire na Tulaich was heavily iced in places with care being required.

The weather was stunning with no wind and sunshine throughout the day. Clear skies meant a freeze was starting back in the glens as we drove down the road, but the lack of wind might mean an inversion.

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