Sunday 5th December 2011

Out in the Pentlands today working on an Avalanche Awareness course. Great to be able to do this so close to Edinburgh and with lots to look at. We spent time on North through East to South facing slopes. The deep powder of earlier in the week is consolidating with a crust in many areas after yesterday’s partial thaw. There’s been some wind transportation on to all these aspects during the week (although large scale scouring hasn’t taken place) and the snowpack contains weaker layers, notably of graupel. If there’s a significant thaw there’s a good chance of full depth avalanches in the Pentlands. Nettle was out on Tinto (Lanarkshire) today and reported point release avalanches with circa 80m run outs.

At or below freezing all day from the ski-centre upwards. Sunny day with a light northerly / north-west wind.

Plenty of people out making the most of the conditions walking, ski-ing off piste and ski-touring.

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