Sunday 6th March 2011 Stob Coire nam Beith

Out today in Stob Coire nam Beith, Glen Coe, with Euan and Alasdair, Azam, Merryn and Phil from the Glasgow Hillwalking and Mountaineering Club. We climbed Summit Gully a good, long (450m) I/II*, which takes you straight to the summit. The snow was broken in a couple of places lower down, with soft snow, water running underneath and the turf not frozen. With height the snow firmed up and by the top rime was forming and the turf was firm. The cave pitch isn’t present, but there’s a good easy and complete bypass gully on the right, which rejoins the main gully higher up.

Phil and Alasdair in Summit Gully

Cloud around summit height during the day, temperatures falling with height and during the day with freezing level around 900m or so. No precipitaion during the day, but some rain on the drive back south. Light southerly winds.

Euan, Merryn and Azam
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