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Driving conditions to suitable winter climbing venues meant a change of plan for the Falkirk Community Trust Outdoors Introduction to Winter Climbing Course today. Catrin,

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Cairngorm Mixed Trip

John and I have been away with the Falkirk Community Trust Outdoors Cairngorm Mixed Climbing trip for the last three days. The lack of good

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Back to Birnam

Yesterday I returned to Newtyle (Birnam) Quarry with Linda and Joanne from the Falkirk High Tops Team. We spent a useful day looking at movement

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Newtyle Quarry

Paul and I had hoped to go winter climbing today. Unfortunately, the conditions have currently gone. Therefore we went to Newtyle (Birnam) Quarry for some

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Kirriehill and Newtyle

Out with Tam, Graham and Jim from the Falkirk Community Trust today. After last night’s rain and pondering the forecasts for today we eventually came

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