The Brack

B and I took a gamble on conditions in the Arrochar area today hoping there’d be less fresh snow in there than in some others areas and the turf would be more exposed and frozen. We had our eye on a potential new line left of the Abyss on the lower tier of The Brack.

The Brack Lower Tier

The gamble partially paid off, with the turf being well frozen in places, but quite dry and unfrozen in others. Care was required with the turf and we had to vary the line to take account of this. However, we were able to climb a couple of probable new pitches near the Abyss and also take in it’s good corner/groove near the top of the crag.

B in the new initial corner pitch

Below freezing at crag height all day. Sunshine through the day, but with the crag in shade and no wind. All snow encountered was recent and unconsolidated. Some ice forming on the crag. A lot of the turf is quite dry I don’t think the turf condition will improve much on the crag before there’s been a melt/freeze cycle.

B on the flake belay right of the lower corner of the Abyss
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