Tuesday 4th January 2011 Corrie Fee

Went in to Corrie Fee with John today hoping Look C Gully had held on, but decided against it. It was probably climbable, but the narrow section had fully running water with a visible gap in the ice and a lot of the ice looked pretty hollow.

Instead we climbed B Gully with a variation up some steep ice on the right above where B Gully Chimney heads off followed by a delicate traverse left back in to the gully. We finished up the right hand finish at the top, which in current conditions gave a steep finish on some fairly hollow ice (considerably harder than II given the conditions). Note, B Gully Chimney, isn’t in at the moment and needs a refreeze.

Thawing all day in the coire with remaining ice lines becoming very hollow, turf still well frozen unless being soaked by running water. Snowpack becoming saturated. Buttresses black. Light rain most of the day on a south-westerly occasionally changing to wet snow flurries at crag level.

We met Simon in the car park who’d been up in Winter Coire. They’d gone to have a look at a mixed line, but climbed Diagonal Gully on ice as it sounded like the turf was less well frozen than in Corrie Fee.

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