Wednesday 15th December 2010

Up in Glen Coe with John and the Falkirk team today. We climbed Sron na Lairig. The bottom section was effectively in summer condition, but with the turf well frozen and the odd patch of soft snow. The upper section, after the first horizantal part of the ridge, was in winter condition with the firm snow, ice, some riming and rock hard turf. We then descended to the Lairig Eilde with a short stop off to play around on a nice little water ice line on the way down.

Snow cover in Glen Coe below about 700m is very patchy and buttresses currently black. Turf is firm from road level. There’s a fair bit of low level water ice hanging on and it should make it through to tomorrows re-freeze. The temperature was above freezing all day and warming up as the day went on. Cloud level was hovering part way up the ridge, some very light rain showers towards dusk. Wind mostly north westerly and little more than 15 mph before dusk.

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