Wednesday 6th January 2010

Out on The Brack again today. Pamela and I had seen a line that wasn’t in the guide book, so went back to have a look. It’s the chimney mentioned in the description of Hell’s Teeth and starts after about 55m of that route. It gave a 40m pitch with 2 great steep steps, followed by a funky exit through a cave roof. It went at a very fun III,3 and, although short, probably worth a star or two.

We then went on to try another line higher up where I got stopped by a short hard section, which I had to reverse. So we wandered round and finished up January Buttress.

All in all a very good day out. The turf is frozen solid; the snow is still unconsolidated, but isn’t deep on the Brack; ice is forming where there are burns/springs, but there’s not much freeze/thaw ice forming.

Looking down the chimneyPamlea about to climb through the roof of the cave
Looking down the chimney &?About to climb out of the roof of the cave
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