Wednesday 7th January (Northern Cairngorms)

Greg and i have been out in the Cairngorms the last two days.  On monday we arrived at the bottom of the ski road at 8am.  Unfortunately the road was closed so we didnt get to leave the car park until 10.25am.  But, we still continued with our original plan of heading to Carn Etchachan.

We climbed The Guillotine which was in excellent condition with frozen turf, useful snow and lots of rime.

On tuesday we headed into the Mess of Pottage and climbed The Messenger.  This gives a brilliant, technical pitch.  There had been overnight snow at low levels, however there appears to have been a gentle thaw up high.  Despite the thaw, most buttress routes still appear in condition.

Photos can be seen on Bozza’s site.

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