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Onich Slab

Today we visited Onich Slab as well as the Ice Factor. We spent time practicing SPA style rigging as well as self rescue techniques for

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SPA Training

For the past three days I have been course directing an SPA training course for EICA Ratho. As well as climbing at Ratho, we visited

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Last week I was running an SPA course. We spent the third day of the course at Rosyth Quarry. This quarry is a good choice

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SPA Training Day One

Yesterday I was out at Aberdour running a SPA Training with Nic Crawshaw, Kenny Lacey and nine trainee instructors. The crag was dry and warm

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Rosyth Quarry

Today was the second day of Chris, David and Chris’s SPA assessment. We visited Rosyth Quarry and EICA Ratho. The weather started dry but mid

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